Services Offered

I am available to speak on technology, trends, communication & professional skills on voluntarily basis to Software Houses & Universities in Karachi.

Outside Karachi, I can be available if arrangements will be provided.

As I am working in an organization, so for any engagement, Saturday/ Sunday (Holidays) suits me, & or I will be available considering my schedule.

I love to speak & interact & if I can play any part in your learning, or I can share my experience, it would be a great pleasure for me.

Feel free to approach me (WajahatAbbas [AT] Yahoo [Com].

Seminars & session I have conducted,

1) Software Final year Project (Ideas & How to do it) — Universities
2) Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 — Universities/ Software Houses/ Closed Groups
3) Emerging Trends & Technologies that are driving Business Today — Microsoft Innovation Center Karachi
4) Business Process Management — Universities
5) Skills that makes a professional successful in his career — Closed Groups
6) IT as a Career — Universities



    Today I am see your Blog site and see this Page “You write these word that lot more for us, and I am DUA with ALLAH for you to help you in every field of life as like you (WAHAHAT Bhai) Help us. Ameen…..

  2. I am a graduate. Passed out 2008. I am interested to work on some project in windows mobile. Do you have any ideas? I aim at getting into microsoft. Any tips for dat?
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Today I am see your Blog site and see this Page “You write these word that lot more for us, and I am DUA with ALLAH for you to help you in every field of life as like you (WAHAHAT Bhai) Help us. Ameen…..

  4. Can u guide me to the address of microsoft training cente in karachi

  5. I am jobless with MBA(F) from comsat institute of information technology .kindly help me

  6. i m very glad to see u and your position educationwise as well as achmentwise i wish and prey to God Almighty & Panjatane Pak ( a.s ) your position will be like sky beyond limit & expectation . Amin ———ali abbas zaidi LUCKNOW

  7. Wajahat .

    My name is Mohammad Raza Khan. My company based in UK and we are rapdily expanding in Middleeast. I am looking for Sharepoint Moss 2007 MVP. We 2 openings of Sharepoint Moss 2007 MVP’s . Just wondering if you are or your freind in will be interested to apply for this poistion. I need to understand your salary requirments. We will pay in UK pounds, regardless where you work for us.

    Let me know if you are interested, if you are than I need your CV ,along with your Microsoft ID and Certificate to confirm you are MVP.

    • Asalam-o-alaikum
      Dear Mr Wajahat Abbas
      I am a developer and working experience since 9 years.
      I have close interest to learn Share point. can u plz help me for that.
      or any suggestion.
      I would be highly appreciate.

      Thanks and regards
      Abdul Jabbar Patel

  8. Hey wajahat how ru? i think i know about U. can u plz briefly introduc urslf? if ur pakistani then from which area?

  9. Aslam o Elekum Wajahat bhai, as you came to our university on last tuesday, in mohammad ali jinnah university and your type of presantation was on IT.
    Bytheway sir i want to make blog like your’s for my self to introduce my self, and my activities…
    so plz guid me what to do to build up my own webpage or belog.
    Plz reply me at my email, i’ll be thankfull.

  10. means how i can get domain in network..
    plz tell me sir


  12. Nice

  13. wajahat bhai its really good to attend your seminar at NED university today. well i have a question to you is that, whats the scope of computer system engineer not as a programmer? how abt data base and networking? to be very frank, i have no interest
    in programming so wht would be the other right option? kindly reply me

  14. Dear Wajahat sb,
    I will be more than oblige if you can solve a little problem (for you).

    I have configured a front end web server with query server role, an index server and an sql server. I have an enterprise portal where I have uploaded some documents by my administrator. When admin enters any key word search works fine but when I enter the same keyword using another test user who has reader role, no result is found.


  15. Any plans for SharePoint 2010 training in upcoming months?

  16. I want to learn share point any training from your side

  17. i am interested in sharepoint 2010 developer training.. any plans ???? plz do reply..

    from karachi

  18. Hey,
    I want to work on share point server can you give

  19. hi
    how can i take authorised distribution of microsoft windows in karachi for our customers.

  20. wjahat bhai

    My brother in law has a project in US about 100 hours related to SharePoint to be worked remotely. can you give me some suggestion in this regards.
    moreover i am interested to have some training of SharePoint. can you tell me any dedicated institute in Karachi.



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