Posted by: wajahatabbas | November 11, 2012

Windows App Development — Meeting with Michael Mansour

The new Windows 8 release is not only a major release with respect to IT PRO, but for the developers as well.

The new Windows APP development will be an exciting concept for the developers now. The same phenomena  go SharePoint 2013 now.

In SharePoint 2013, Microsoft has introduced marketplace concept, in which now developers can market their apps as well.

Last week, Michael Mansour who is the regional director at Microsoft UAE traveled to Qatar. He want to meet development partners who can work on the new windows 8 app development. As Qatar is a growing market, but its hard to find good development partners here.

I was approached by Sara Abbas, who works in Microsoft Qatar. She was referred by KalSoft team during GITEX. KalSoft is one of the leading Microsoft partner in the region, and works with Qatar Datamation system in Qatar for Microsoft services project.

Michael Mansour & Sara had a meeting with us and they share the initial plans for the windows 8 app development. They also shown few of the applications that their team developed on App.

Microsoft team also agreed to provide us the resources to develop us for the new competency.

We hope that the new app development will able to create a good market.

No doubt that Microsoft come out with lot of exciting thins like Surface, new app model and much more.


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