Posted by: wajahatabbas | May 12, 2012

Wonderful Experience DTAC Qatar 2011-2012

It was really great to attend DTAC Qatar yesterday on May 11, 2012 at Qatar Convention Center.

When i register for the DTAC almost month ago, i was thinking that what we gonna do with this whole day program starting from 6:30 in morning and to be conclude by 9 at night.

As i am new to toastmaster and this is my first experience to attend such conference. I was really wondering.

And then the good thing, that i was accompany by Mr. Arshad Siddiqui who worked as an Architect in Nespak Qatar. So he picked me and then we go together and arrived there at 6:45 at convention center.

Qatar Convention center is huge building.  After parking it took around 15 minutes to reach the SPIDER where registration was going on. We already had register but didn’t pay so did the payment. The young gaveliers were quite helpful.

Then we had breakfast, and then we had the banner parade. I also participated in the banner parade, and join the PTM president in holding the PTM banner. The first contest was then of humorous speech. It was an excellent experience. It was full of fun and laughter.

Then the 2nd session was of Table topic, and the topic was “What event from your past, present or future, you would like to attend in person” That was also very well taken by the contestant.

Falcon Award was then chaired by Mr. Nisar Rana. It was a good session overall.

After then there was a comedy show being played a Qatari comedian artist Mohammad. It was a wonderful show.

And then after the launch break there was evaluation contest, in which Mr. Arshad Zaidi delivered a good speech on “Who move my cheese”. He got some wonderful feedback by the contestant.

And finally the contest of International speech. All the participants were great. They delivered thought provoking speeches. It was excellent learning.

After that there were speeches from honorable guest, among them the notable speech was delivered by Indian Ambassador to Qatar.  Her speech was full of thoughts, and she briefed that how communication has played a vital role in bringing change to masses. She highlight a program of All India radio “Tan Tan sukh” little little efforts for betterment that bring changes to life of common man, and how it change a village life, and then she also highlighted Aamir Khan recent tv show “Satyamev Jayate”.

And then the round comes for which everyone was waiting i.e. lucky draw, there were 5 mobiles but we were again unfortunate by not receiving anyone 🙂

And then the emotional movement, that was the results announcements.

Nisha Shivram topped the contestants winning two of the four categories namely Evaluation Speech contest and the coveted International Speech competition. The other winners of the speech competition were Tesu Thomas (Humorous) and Abishek Chattopadhyay (Table Topics).

And with this we finally rush back to our home.

Overall it was wonderful day, i may missed lot of names and sessions to mention, but it was a worthwhile experience, and i congrats Division E Governor Krishna Kumar and his team for arranging such great event at large scale.

But as a toastmaster we learn to improve ourselves. And so as we have evaluation session. So there is just one suggestion which i want to give to the team, and that is about the venue. Although there is no doubt that convention center is among the best place to arrange big conference but i personally feel that if it has been arrange in some hotel and we had some roundtable kind of arrange like it was in IBQ at Ramada. It must be more comfortable for participant to sit easily, because it was a full day session. So it was little bit uncomfortable for participant to sit on such place for long session, and hard to socialize as well.

Besides, it was an wonderful event and heartiest congratulations to the organizing team and all toastmasters of Qatar.



  1. Dear Syed. Great experience, surely. Could you advice names of the winners in each category.

  2. Dear Syed .. Are you on FB .. pls add me to your friend list .. We worked together at Nawras.. hope you do remember me …
    – Udayan Pramanik

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