Posted by: wajahatabbas | May 7, 2012

Downloading WSP from Central Administration (SharePoint 2010)

While restoring one SharePoint intranet site, i realized that there were some WSP required for the intranet restore. So i want the WSP files to deploy the portal, but i cant able to find the WSP file.

I browse the system, and saw that the WSP was uploaded & deployed at other SharePoint Server (From where i am backing up). It was deployed on the portal, and can be viewed at Central Administration (SharePoint 2010), but the file was not available on the file system.

So i want to download the files from the central administration. While searching internet, i found 2 solutions for this, one is that you can extract the WSP using code, or there is a small piece of powershell commands, which will get you the WSP files, and its quite pretty much simple.

Let say your WSP was “SharePointGulf.wsp”

So you need to open the Powershell and run the following command in order to get the WSP file.


$myFarm = Get-SPFarm
$myWSP = $myFarm.Solutions.Item(“SharePointGulf.wsp”).SolutionFile

This simple piece of command will get you the WSP File.



  1. sweet! I had a wsp file on my farm that I could not find and I wanted to check into TFS in case i needed it in the future. thanks!

  2. Thanks, it works!

  3. Thanks… Wajahat bhai…. Party kera di..(Y)

  4. Thanks it works well

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