Posted by: wajahatabbas | January 28, 2012

doha project

Today i delivered my project 6 speech at Professional Toastmaster Club, meeting at The Next Generation School at Doha

I selected the topic “Prisoner of Thoughts”. I have the idea about the story so developed it by my own. The topic was appreciated by the audience.

The meeting was unique, as it was not arranged in the hotel, like regularly PTM arranged it hotel in Shatir Abbas, however today meeting was arranged at The Next Generations kindergarten school, Doha, Qatar.

The Toastmaster of the day role was played by Warda Ali Khan. She did a wonderful job in managing time, and kept the audience intact with the meeting.

Then there was project speech one delivered by Miss Nazia. And then i was called to deliver the prepared speech.

I started my speech with a note, that its a coinsedence that today my son also went to a head-start kindergarten for school admission, and i also visited a kindergarten school, not for admission, but for the meeting though

Well my speech was more on the philosophical thought, and i shared an article in which he compared the slavery of 150 years back with the modern slavery. The writer compares it with that the old slavery was to control our body, and get the work done from us. However the current slavery is of controlling mind and thoughts.

The story was quite appreciated by the participants, and then my evaluator Mr. Noman Ali Khan, a seasoned, and senior toastmaster provide his evaluation. Overall he was satisfied with my speech, and provide some improvement areas as well, which i will definitely work on.

I must say thanks to the school administration for providing such a nice venue, and would like to thanks the Teachers as well, as they listened us very carefully, and act a very supportive role.

I hope that I’ll be delivering my next speech project 7 on Feb 11, 2012.



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