Posted by: wajahatabbas | January 28, 2012

Al Sadd Official WebSite SharePoint 2010

This post was due from last 3 months, and due to my laziness, i didn’t write it yet.

Anyway, when i joined KalSoft Qatar (QDS), this was one of the project which was going on from several months.

Al Sadd Club is one of the most famous club of Qatar, in fact middle east, and with the launch the club is quite renown all around the world, they just won the Asian Cup for Football club, and also secure position in Club WorldCup in Japan, probably this is one of the blessing of the launch of the website 🙂

I was lucky to have a wonderful teamwork on this. Initially Adnan Khan worked on this, and then Samim Khan and Haseeb Ali put their best effort. Sibtain did excellent graphics.

The client Ahmed Al Ansari was an excellent person, and we really enjoyed working with him. And Mahmoud Al Batarni was the consultant, he also provide his experienced advise.

At the end , the developed site was an excellent SharePoint 2010 internet implementation, and it was highly appreciated in Qatar. There was a press release to launch the website.

Click here to view the website.

Al Sadd WebSite

Al Sadd Website



  1. i think it’s good news for this platform users nd great activity too for this product.

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