Posted by: wajahatabbas | September 24, 2011

Get ToastMaster membership today

Well, i am excited to share that i become an official toastmaster today. This is the 2nd time, i attended Toastmaster session today.

It was really good to meet Nisar Rana Sb, Abid Hussaini Sb, Azeem Sb, Asghar Sb, Basheer Sb, and learning from their experiences.

PTM Qatar is a good toastmaster club, and i always get a warm welcome and appretiation from the club.

Today the club has an official meeting # 132. In this session, there were 2 sessions, one was on dengue fever conducted by Dr. Jawed Sb, and other body language which was conducted by Ms. Shewta (Sorry if i misspell the name). She conducted an extra ordinary session on body language. She also run a dance society here named as “We dance” in Qatar.

On body language, she shared that 5 things are most important 1 is attire or posture, 2nd is hands movement, 3rd is whole body, 4th is facial expression and final is eye contact. So if we want to be good in expression, body language is the key, and in body language, these 5 things are the basis.

At the end, i was awarded the membership. The PTM Club president Mr. Asghar told that i am the first member of this club, who get this new re-branded pin (Badge).

I hope that in next session, i will be delivering my P1 i.e. “Self introduction”. Would like to thanks Azeem Sb who really guided me well on this, so wish me best luck for first session coming weeks.



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  2. i want this membership but not yet if you don’t mind send me if want get membership how’s the process of it.

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