Posted by: wajahatabbas | July 23, 2011

Attended Professional ToastMaster Club Doha Chapter today

Well, today is my first ever attendance to ToastMaster club. I have heard about Toast Master a lot, and in fact inspired from their objective, but never had a chance to attend their meetings, or to be part of them.
Here at Doha, while googling i found PTM Qatar chapter. I observed that the chapter is quite active from their website and other blogs/ posts.

So last week i dropped an email, asking about their activities. I got a very warm reply from Mr. Azim, Mr. Asghar Ali & Mr. Rana. They invited me on their meeting July 23, 2011 at Gulf Paradise hotel.

So today, i went their, it was a very healthy session. I learn lot of good things from here, like a good session by Mr. Azim on preparing speech, or how to organize it. A very good conclusion by Mr. Saleem Kapoorwala. In fact all members their are very helpful, and i hope that I will really enjoy my time here, and will have a wonderful learning from seniors members their. People i met their, were Mr. Iftikhar, Mr. Azim, Mr. Saleem, Mr. Asghar, Mr. Bashir Mr. Ashraf, Mr. Lawa, Mr. Asad, Dr. Qaiser who gave a very good session on “Stone diseases”.

I hope to attend the next session on August 6, 2011.



  1. […] Attended Professional ToastMaster Club Doha Chapter today […]

  2. it’s good work your are really doing great efforts for event keep sharing like these information with us.

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