Posted by: wajahatabbas | December 15, 2010

IE8 Windows 2008 R2 & SharePoint 2010


3 days after hanging here & there for issues after upgrade, one of my friend gives me a good advice.
Actually we upgraded MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010. Our MOSS 2007 portal was a rich portal in terms of content, design, and customization.

And once we upgraded it to SharePoint 2010. There was lot of design issues.

One of our web part was not working, it’s a web part showing announcement in marquee at the top. It was not showing anything. We thought that it was a some kind of web part issue, and so as other things bangs our mind.

But it got solved when we install another browser, and its showing that thing perfectly.

Actually Windows 2008 R2 default browser is IE 8, and I came to know that there are lots of issues with the browser. Probably some kind of hotfix may resolve it. But MAN, it really sucks. So if you are on upgrade, always install another browser, and if on customization something goes wrong, check it with other browser.



  1. it’s not the issue of IE8. Marquee is deprecated by W3C.You may check
    Moreover when IE9 will come then the issue will also comes as they are going to wards standardization rather then staying in there own world

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