Posted by: wajahatabbas | December 3, 2010

SharePoint Session at Microsoft Open Door Pakistan

After aprox 3 years, Microsoft arranged one of the largest technology event of Pakistan on November 4, 2010. Last time, Microsoft arranged PDC in 2007, in which i delivered SharePoint session on Lahore & Karachi.

This year, Microsoft organized open Door events in different part of Middle East & Pakistan.

The event gathered large amount of technical professionals under one roof. SharePointGulf particpated in this event with MIC. Thanks to MIC team.

SharePointGulf is a training academy focused on SharePoint training. SharePointGulf demonstrate SharePoint application during 2 day event.

You can check the images at SharePointGulf Facebook Page.
I myself conducted a session on SharePoint 2010. The session attracted large amount of technical professionals, as SharePoint 2010 is the hottest product of the year.

The event was quite interactive, in which customers, partners, professionals share their experiences, feedback on SharePoint.

You can check the snaps at SharePointGulf FB Page.



  1. Are there any new incoming SharePoint events going on in Pakistan? This post is quite old but just worth asking.

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