Posted by: wajahatabbas | September 15, 2010

Accountability is something inside you

It is something inside you.

But if not, you may not touch the sky.

Most of us are always driven by accountability, and we see this as a successful approach. Probably it would be, but for the passive one’s, for machines.

When it comes to human, GREATER minds, you will not find them accountable to any other, but to themselves. And this creates the difference.

If you work, because you are accountable to do that by other, you probably remain at the average line. But if you want to fly high, to perform beyond the limits, then you have to be accountable to yourself. And thats the biggest accountability, that will drive you all the way to success.

Thats creates the difference b/w Leaders and followers.

If you able to develop it within yourself, you will RISE & SHINE.



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  2. unfortunately our world speaks against you . . if u r well judged by others then ur good otherwise if u not then . .

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