Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 12, 2010

Career in IT Consultancy in Pakistan — Seminar at MAJU

Day before yesterday, i was invited as a Guest speaker at MAJU, in a seminar. Audience were students of Business Administration, Computer science, and Telecom.

Beside me, DG IT Projects Sindh Government was also an guest speaker.

I believe that the session went good, and audience like it.

I also had a chance to meet some of teachers, who taught me during MS.

The core message of my speaking session was to motivate students in doing something of there own, either small, could be anything.

Because ideas without implementation is nothing, and we all think a lot, and almost everyone has hell amount of ideas, the only difference arise when you implement them. Without implementation, even a GREAT idea doesnt worth.

And if ever someone able to implement something of what he think, he gets the self belief, which is the most valuable treasure in the WORLD.

Implementing something doesn’t only means entrepreneurship, but anything, like running a society, organizing something, but it should be practice, and you will learn a lot of things from that.

It was 4th time, i was in MAJU, and i love to be there, sharing my views, experience with young fellows.

I wish them GREAT success, and hope that they will perform beyond expectations.



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