Posted by: wajahatabbas | July 1, 2010

PASHA Launchpad Karachi

Last Sunday, June 27, 2010, i attended PASHA Launchpad on marriot.

It was a good event managed by PASHA, working hard to support the young minds thinking out of the box.

The event gathers large number of youth submitting their product & ideas. Almost 10 teams present their ideas. I was little bit late, catches the event from 2nd idea. Judges TEAM was really cool, and i really salute them, being so cool and calm even when they can play a lot on some childish answers.

I dont know, but i didnt like anyone idea presented by the TEAMS. Though i dont have the right to object anyone, but not only i myself, but almost everyone reacted in the same manner. I think everyone of us, should be a part of this healthy activity, and if anyone like myself think that he can present something more good, should come on front rather fingering.

I salute PASHA team for arranging such good event, and also want to make a suggestion, that their ideas filtering team should filter in hard manner.

One thing which i noticed was very bad, may be its something growing in our society, which is too dangerous. Majority of the teams rather being courteous seems too arrogant. I dont know why they are behaving like this. Like many of them, when come to stage, always made high comments, like “What they are presenting is something good” , and what other presented, were ordinary.

I think we as a society, need to learn this thing, to respect other, and to be courteous, and this is the most required ingredient for your growth.

And those nations, who are way way ahead form us, are much much courteous than we think.



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