Posted by: wajahatabbas | April 29, 2010

Judging Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals 2010 Pakistan

Like always, a wonderful experience to judge the finals of Pakistani TEAM. If i am not wrong, its the 4th year of imagine cup, Pakistan.

Last year it was UET Lahore who made up the final from pakistan.

This time, there were 4 projects. They were.

1) Some MangoTouch. Its a project from UET Lahore. Probably group of 4 girls developed this. This is a cool project. We really like it. And they have done a good job. Their inspiration was from Microsoft Surface, and they developed a much cheaper solution from using their own hardware & software. Thats a good piece of work. Wish you best of luck, if you got selected.

2) Wi – Track — Ambulance Tracker. Project from IBA Karachi, Problem definition was awesome. The way they address the problem was fantastic, and the way they showcase it. They aims to help Ambulance Network, to track the ambulances using GPRS system. As far as my own feedback, the problem definition was perfect, but the innovation part was lacking.

3) Brain Inspector — A project from FAST ISB. Its a nice project, a research based project. They developed a modeling system, which takes images from MRI, classify them, and then further classify and model it. Its a research oriented project. A deep project i must say.

4) Some Abbet.. (Forgot the actual name) — They developed a speech recogination system for mobile phones, which will be used by blind people. And it can be trained on any language, russain, english, or anyother. In personal capacity, the idea is quite common.

So there were other judges as well. The panel discuss it with detail and now the project will be further moved on next evaluation.

I wish them all a big success.

Beside this, I wanted to advice young fellows in universities to take this as serious as they can. And they should work hard on this. Ideal is to select final year project on imagine cup theme.

If anyone needs my help, feel free to write. I am also looking for some students, whom i can mentor.

Disclaimer: The finalist has not been announced yet, and this post is totally on personal capacity.



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