Posted by: wajahatabbas | March 6, 2010

Session on Career Development at Mehran Engineering University

Highly impressed today at MUET, while conducting session on Career Development.

The auidence was highly interactive, and questions asked were thought provoking.

I always enjoy especially speaking at MUET. This is my 2nd experience.

And Lets me speak on, i do speak on regular basis at different places at Karachi, at different universities, but the questions/ feedback i got from Mehran is always surprising & amazing.

My prayers, wishes are with you people, and i luv to see you growing in your fields, and growing Pakistan.

You people have all the skills, not only to compete at national level, but at international level.

I really enjoyed today’s session, i too learn a lot of things from you guys, and i love to share my learning/ experience with you.

Hope to visit you soon.

For any thing, you wanted to know, you can write me at wajahatabbas [at] yahoo [dot]com



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  2. hi wajahat…it indeed was pleasure to have you as a guest speaker at MUET.i was impressed by ur “keeping it coooooooooool”.we learned a lot anyways..moreover u r always more than welcome at MUET….

    P.S: im the one who asked u the question regarding BLUFFING….

  3. Salam, First of all thanks for ur such remarks and home you will give us time in future,realy impressed from ur lecture,ur way of cummunication,from ur experience.Realy i learned many things and i will implement in my life.(INSHALLAH).
    Again Thanks:

    Me one who lalked with u regarding ME research..
    And one who doing job in software house as .net developer.

    any suggestion from ur side for me welcome…

  4. your speach was v good.
    i want to upload something on my web so give me some idea about it.i am in waiting

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