Posted by: wajahatabbas | January 20, 2010

An excellent Session by Naeem Zafar for Startups

Yesterday, i attended a wonderful session conducted by Naeem Zafar, well known name for the entrepreneurs.

Session was organized by PASHA.

He did the best job shared many things, to prove that technology has dramatically reduced the cost of starting business.

He shared different tools, some are Getting your entity a legal one in US (For Video Conferencing) (For Conference Calls) Affiliate Marketing (New Rules of Marketing)

Would like to thanks especially Naeem Sb for sharing this cool knowledge, and PASHA for arranging this.



  1. Assalamo Aliakum,
    How r u ??? how is your STARTUP going these days ???????

  2. Excellent post, i am following Naeem’s work on startup business for an year now. these new link are definitely a plus. Thanks for sharing them..

  3. It was really an excellent session.
    n i was looking for the links discussed. Thanks Wajahat.
    its a nice post.

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