Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 31, 2009

Behind the Camera — First Experience

Just 45 minutes back, on August 31, 2009 at 9:00 AM — 10: AM, I was having the first experience of Behind the Camera at Indus TV morning show with its host Junaid & Tabasum, talk on “Importance of Career Guidance”.

It was a week back when Mohammad Ali Syed Sb, a big name in the Media Industry called me, and asked me to appear in this show, thanks to him.

It was overall a good LIVE Session, as per the feedback of the host, program producer, it went good, and they were having lot of phone calls, due to the topic importance as well. One of my friend, whom I wanted to thanks for the moral support, told me that the session was good, but just the starting 2 minutes makes my face RED, tiny nervous, and then all SET.

So Wanted to thank you all. The program was good, I too enjoyed a lot, the phone calls and all things & Syed Sb for taking me to Behind the Camera.

If you reading on August 31, 2009, you can see the program on night, repeat telecast at Indus News at 11 PM — 12 PM.

I will provide the link of youtube as well.



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  2. VJ Sorry bhai i didint watch your programme b/c my cable provider doesnt provide Indus News channel, i was with sahuki and hasan we tried alot on net as wel but there was no website for indus news, Plz tell me how can i watch your programme………. hay reply me with some links

    Shan here

  3. Great yaar ! tu to abhi abhut bada aadmi ban gaya hai ! 🙂 congratulations… pls send me the youtube link .. I would love to see it.

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