Posted by: wajahatabbas | June 1, 2009

Why Societies Destroy?

Read a beautiful quote at Imran Rauf MSN Title. It’s the truth!

“Societies are not destroyed by the activities of rascals but by the inactivity of good people”

Related to another good quote,

“Evil is when, few good man decide to do nothing”

So it’s not the BAD people who destrys society, it’s the good people silence which destroy the societies. When people stop talking on the things that matters, when people think ONLY for them & when individuality becomes stronger! That led the destruction of society.

It’s easier to raise fingers on others, but hard to ask yourself that what we did for society. That if we have done our part before judging other accountability!

Let’s Be honest to our self FIRST!



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  2. Thats so true. Evil is when good men decide to do nothing. Our silence today becomes the reason for problems tomorrow…

  3. Salam brother,

    I think one must define what the good people can do! You see , in most of the cases ‘Good and Evil’ is made controversial and many people think good of the thing that they do..and deem evil for work which others do.. I think social fabric has to be well defined in terms of its values which strengthen the overall social norms..

    hope you got my point..

  4. Interesting argument Hasan.

    You made a valid point.

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