Posted by: wajahatabbas | April 23, 2009

inn kooo free maat kerna, ye sir pay a jatay hain

Just a minute back, I heard this from my friend during lunch. He was referring some event happened, week back, in which he & his colleague were discussing on something, some office boy (peon), visited that place for some work (probably cleaning), also joined their discussion. And then he stayed there for a while, & expresses his views on the talk going on. As the office boy was not interrupted by my friends, so after that event, whenever he visited that room, he says hi/ hello besides doing cleaning.

Because, my friend allow him to do this, and so he take this as for granted, and continue the same. Ideally the office boy should not talk to us in this manner, as he belongs to the lower class than my friends. How we can allow him to communicate us on same level. He should not be allowed to talked to us, like the way our friends, or same class.

And for this, the great reason we have “In koo free na kerna, yee sir pay char jatay hain”. (Don’t free them, they will sit at your head) And this is very common sentence everywhere & in all classes.

Those who belong to upper class don’t free the middle class, as if they free them, they will also join their discussion, and they may sit with them day by day. Why the upper class should free middle class.

And then the same for middle class, they won’t free the lower class, as if they will make them free, they will take it as a habit, and join with their discussion.

And so as lower class do it with further lowered class.

And this goes on.. We don’t want the lower to stand with us, at the same place where we are now. We don’t want to grow them, and also complaining the same thing for classes upper to us. That classes upper to us feels proud, things like that.

This is called Tabqati Nizam (Class system), which 1400 years was before too, and among other major objectives of Islam was to break this system.

Allahamadoliliah after 1400 years, we especially in Pakistan have 98% Muslim, we have the 2nd largest religious gathering after hajj, we have more mosques, more religious system, but yet, this class system roots is stronger compared to other societies. We have this system, not only lives in this system, but enjoy this sytem. But yet we are muslims. Not only muslims, but the Best Muslims in this World.



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  2. […] This cup of tea was served by: Wajahat Abbas […]

  3. true..

    hum dosron keh siron pe to chirhna chahtay hain..

    kishi keh liay apnay sir ko jhukana nahi jantay..

  4. true..

    hum sub keh sir pe cherhna to chahtay hain..

    but kishi keh liay apnay sir ko jhukana nahi jantay..

    i remember a qoute.. keh

    jo phal dar darkhat hota hai sirf wohi jhukta hai..

    jis keh pass kuch daenay ko na ho wohi akra hoa rehta hai…

  5. bohat ala wajahat bahi aap nay humarey dil kay taroon ko choo lia hay WAH!!!!

    Khuda tujhe kissi toofan say aashna kar day

    Keh tere behr ki mojon main izterab naheen.

    Tujhe kitab say mumkin nahin faragh keh too

    Kitab khawan hay magar sahib-e-kitab nahin.

  6. by the way the above is for firaen-e-society not for u 🙂

  7. بنايا ايک ہي ابليس آگ سے تو نے
    بنائے خاک سے اس نے دو صد ہزار ابليس

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