Posted by: wajahatabbas | April 6, 2009

Back to School — After 14 years

Almost after 14 years, waking up early ….. & rushing ……… just. …… for a single reason …….. BACK TO SCHOOL.

Emotion lost values when expressed into Words. The feeling & experience cannot be transformed into words that we had on Saturday, April 4th, 2009 event on school. Last time i visited the same auditorium was 1995.

It was another major success of our Alumni team (First was the alumni website), and now our first event on “Career Counseling”.

The session started at 8:45. There were almost 4-5 speakers. Speakers were allocated 10 minutes to brief their areas. Shayan Hassan conducted session on Business, Finance & Accountancy. Umme Aimen Kazmi conducted session on Arts & related field, Aqueel Pabaney conducted session on Medical & I myself conducted session on IT & Engineering.

I hope that these sessions helped students in getting a flavor about these fields.

It was wonderful experience to meet the current metric class. 14 years beyond we don’t have many options for our career, but now they have been blessed by such number of options.

Murtaza was the anchor person of the program, managed the session & time beautifully. Beside the speakers, there were many other x-students who were panelist, like Hussain, Adeel, Faizan, Zahra, Ailiya, and Khumar.

The program ended on Q&A session. Lot of questions has been asked by the students.
Would like to thanks here, school Management, especially Madam Tasneem Shabar & Tahir Javed Sb, whom continues support makes this happen.

Thank you Students of Class X for listening us. It was a great experience to meet you. We wish you best you ever had, and we would be always available to guide you.

You can email me directly ( ) or contact our Alumni. The peer mentorship program will definitly help you.


Wajahat Abbas



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  2. […] This cup of tea was served by: Wajahat Abbas […]

  3. That is ture. It was a brilliant team effort.. although i dint play any role. but iwas worth being there.

    it seems everyone liked u more than any one 😀

    it was really well presented and informative.

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