Posted by: wajahatabbas | January 1, 2009

Ten dark days that enlighten centuries

Like every year, I wanted to post this title “Ten dark days that enlighten centuries”. It was on Tanvir bahi (Friend) MSN, and it’s a great thought.

Those 10 days, a battle against the tyrant, able to make the biggest impact in the history, and becomes a symbol for hope for the oppressed people around the World.

Imam Hussain, a symbol for hope of humanity, courage, truth, and a hope that a even small number of people can win for ever if they have strong belief for GOD and stand in the name of GOD.



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  2. ture.. those ten days marked history.

    But the secret lies in what led Imam A.S there and where the Family of ImamA.S took the thinking of the world after those ten dark days…

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