Posted by: wajahatabbas | November 26, 2008

MITEFP-OPEN BAP 2008 on Nov 24 at Avari in Karachi

Two days back, I attended MITEFP BAP 2008 session. Indeed a very good start & efforts from the management team, and many others, who put their efforts in this program.

The program aims to support entrepreneurship activities in Pakistan. Almost 5 finalists gave their presentation on their product ideas, companies, and why they need fund, how they will grow themselves.

Good part is that the runner up & winner from last session was even the sponsor of the program. You can understand that how much they get benefited that they are on this scale now like Alchemy. And so as others.

Most of the Judges are Pakistani Entrepreneurs as well from MIT as well.

The finalists are as following.

Cogilent (BrightSpyre) Solutions ( : A company that provides online hiring automation solution for employers, headhunters and recruiters.

CyberSoft Technologies ( ): CyberSoft Technologies is an IT services company focusing on Debt Collection.

Kraysis ( ) : Kraysis provides third party independent software quality assurance services.

SofCom ( ) : Sofcom provides products in the area of Human Capital Management, Process Monitoring, Quality Assurance and Quality Control.

Voizar ( ) : Provides a wholesale marketplace to trade VoIP capacity.

The winner was Sofcom. They have very good, mature product for the pharma industry. This company is in business from last 15 years, one can understand the maturity. Ayal Abbas CEO of the company gave the presentation, and it was excellent demo. Congrats to the winning company, and so as the runner up.

Would like to thanks especially Dr. Zahir Syed Sb & Azhar Rizvi Sb, whose efforts turn out very positively. Hope these efforts will pave a way for entrepreneurship culture in Pakistan.


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