Posted by: wajahatabbas | October 20, 2008

Emerging technologies that are driving Business today — SZabist ACM Seminar

I really enjoyed today’s seminar at SZabist. The seminar was arranged by ACM SZabist chapter.

The seminar was on “Emerging technologies that are driving Business today”. I tried my best to address the root causes of slow growth in Pakistani IT Market, and discuss my observation with the audience which is the lack of interest in the core skills area like Data Structure, OOP, Database management skills, Operation Research. And students seem more interested in tools, languages.

But I agree that students cannot only be blamed for this, Industry, Academia, culture, all are equally contributing in this, but at the same time, we have to address this, and to guide our students. I hope, if everyone, or a group try to address this, I hope things will be better, and inshallah we all are hopeful.

The session becomes attractive with the critical & direct Q&A, and I really appreciate those who did this, as we should not take anything for granted, and always try to get best out of it. I hope the session went good, but I left this on the audience.

Would like to thanks Dr. Najmi G Haider Sb for his appreciation & Zeeshan Arshad Sb for his feedback.

I would like to also thanks here Azhar Khawaja Sb, he taught me at PAF KIET during 2004-2005. He invited me for this seminar.

Would like to Thanks SZabist ACM Computing Chapter for smooth execution of the event.

For any final year project help, and for any career counseling, feel free to write me at wajahatabbas[at]

Those who wanted to download the sesison, can get it from here.

Download Emerging technologies that are driving Business today

Snaps are attached.



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