Posted by: wajahatabbas | October 13, 2008

Mobile Phone Development & Project Ideas — FAST NU, Karachi University

FAST NU, Karachi invited me to conduct a session on Mobile Development, especially with respect to Microsoft.

My senior fellow, Mr. Saqib Ilyas Sb emailed me that some Fastian wants to conduct an event on Mobile Development. He was contacted by Umair, Microsoft Student Ambassador at FAST NU, Karachi.

We decided it to conduct on Oct 13, 2008. As I don’t have much idea on Mobile development, I approached one of my colleague at KalSoft, Shoaib Ahmed, who is working as a consultant. I am also thankful for him, on presenting this topic.

We conducted the session today. The session started at 11:45, good number of participants attended the session. I started the session with the importance of projects in academia life, I emphasis more on the importance of final year project, that how it could help students in learning professional skills before going into professional life, and beside how this could help them in entrepreneurship. Usually many of the students do final year project, for just of the sake of project, however it is one of the best medium to learn professional skills & even starting a company and one can see how Facebook and many other venture grow by just final year project.

I took around 30 minutes to conduct the session, then I handed over it to Shoaib Ahmed, who conducted session on Mobile Development especially related to Microsoft. He briefed the audience about the area, & Microsoft CE framework. He also run a video demonstrating a demo. It was good session by him.

The event ended with the concluding remarks by Zafar Nasir Sb, he really appreciates the efforts & asked for more session, to bridge the gap b/w academia & industry. He also presented plaque to Shoaib & me.

Thanks to Umair for the smooth execution & faculty. Hope to see you people soon on some other event.



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    • hi wajahat,

      i am student of FAST Peshawar Campus, i am in final year so i need some ideas for my final year project in Mobile development, i am interested on working Android so if you have any ideas related to this or Mobile development please send me as soon as possible.

      thank you,

  2. Hi Wajahat,
    I am student and taking course cel phone programming.Please suggest some good project topic.
    i am interested in both iphone and android.
    Please reply ASAP.

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