Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 29, 2008

IT Professionals are not computer’s ! They are human first

This is the thing which we have to consider a lot.

Especially when we talked about any market, or Paki Market, w.r.t. IT industry, you cannot eliminate the human factor, the society factor.

IT Industry cannot grow until these factors will be considered as well. Unfortunately as an individual, professional or company we don’t do much for this, and many of times we don’t consider these things as a factor, and in results we see a small progress compare to all of the World. When IT is the most emerging field all over the World, when IT secures the highest level of research positions all over higher education, we still not able to provide an IT Career in Pakistan.

Still in industry, a guy with 4, 5 year experience seems himself un adjusted with the industry, and switch from service industry.

This is huge gap we have to filled, we have to put effort to make a culture, a society where we respect human, and have to build a culture for good teams, and always good teams produce good results.

So fellows, consider this thing important than anything else, you can have everything, success, if you able to fill this gap, and if we do we will IT companies with larger strength. If you are beginner, you can cooperate in building a good relationship with peers, can impact on team, if you are team lead or Project manager, then you have the chance to impact in your team, and if you are at Sr. Mgmt you have chance to impact on company culture. Wherever you are, try to contribute in building a good society, good teams, and you will witness the success.

I received a good sms message some days back in Urdu it was <” Log pyar kay liyee hotay hain and cheezain istmail kay liyeee, baat tab bigarti hay jab logon koo istimal kya jayee and cheezon say pyar’ (Sorry for bad roman Urdu).

It’s a nice message, that People are to love, and things are for use. The system becomes bad when we use people and love things.

So all of us, we have to contribute whatever we can. As in IT industry & any industry, human capital is the key asset. Invest in people, in culture, and see the change.

I read sometime back a really good quote:

“Evil is when, some few good people decide to do nothing”

Do you feel the same?



  1. Sir, kamal baat kar di aap ne. Kaash ke log ye baat samajh jaain tu software engineer ki zindagi say farhaad jitna dukh mit jaye.

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