Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 19, 2008

Thanks to Mushharf

It takes almost a decade. But Pakistan, Pakistani nation, society almost changes 100% times. I see a huge difference before 1999 when Musharraf took over Pakistan. A single man took the ownership of a nations fate, and changes the nation, change the country what it was before 1999.

Sometime back 6, 7 months, I read news which makes me hurt a lot, because I read it as a Pakistani. The crux of the news was as following, as per US Senators

“They were incapable of winning that war without bringing Pakistan’s political institutions to the breaking point.”.

Some US senators criticize the Bush & Mush for dragging the World to terrorism. Please read this full from here, after reading this post.
Musharraf entered into Pakistani Govt was not something small, in this global village, small things consequences large, even somehow it may have a connection with the rest of world of great powers.

Musharraf rule was mandatory for 9/11 game. US requires one man, who can himself decide fate of a nation, and if there was some political institution, even weaken one, any decision would follow the legislative process, but that 1 MAN was there to decide our fate. And that was the first day of our decline.

Musharraf said in his yesterday’s resignation speech, that Pakistan was not famous before 1999, yes it’s true, it’s all because of Bush & Mush who helped Pakistan a lot in making Pakistan famous now as a terrorist, suicide bombing, extremist, and all these things.

Musharraf with his partner Shortcut Aziz helped our nation a lot, I see a huge difference in Pakistani society, now our youth is much developed, our society is a true consumer society now, open for mobile companies, automobile, miles away from education, but with the virtual financing, loaning, our society is much much towards corruption now. There is huge change in our society in 10 years in moral, ethics, education battleground. We observe a huge decline in all these areas. Before 1999, our middle class was not corrupted, but now you see corruption penetrating in every aspect of society whether it’s a small business, or large. We are witnessing a society running hard for cash, luxury, car, mobile. Is this Development?

Now we see extremism everywhere, either on religion or non religion side, we see a huge divisioning in every part of society.

This is not to de-motivate Pakistani, as with efforts, & YOUR contribution, you can help yourself, & nation for a positive change, and yes we have a hope, but what has done in last 10 years with our nation, is much much bad.

And unfortunately we see people talking, like that there was no option else supporting US, things like that, if yes this is the case, we see many countries living much much good than us. I think it same like a huge public support Saddam just after watching him weeping video before hanging up, and I still wonder they never see his dictatorship and all his executions in his 30 year rule.

I am pretty much sure, that Pakistan would be much much pleasant, better if we don’t be an ally of 9/11.

GOD bless us all, and if we need to help our nation, help Pakistan, we have to step ahead, taking our role to next level from just an observant.

What Pakistan is now? It’s not something happened in 5, 6 months, we are here with the great efforts of Bush & Mush.

With prayers & hope for the best of Pakistan.



  1. Your perception is really a trade-mark… in our society nowadays.. ok …its ur opinion… but if is this ture…? then …our nation … must be at gud position in coming years .. if it is not happen … then we as a new generation did not learn by currupt and dictator policies of Musharraf….

    I wud welcome.. Musharraf Oust first.. if i find gud democratic leadership in his replacement.. but that is un-productable in our country…. In this senario… i prefer Musharraf a gud Leader .. but of course.. every thing has end… so it was right time for him to say Gud-bye….

    You have pointed out those immoral ethics that was kept happening before Musharraf.. Musharraf Was only ruler..not a scholar… It is all about intellegentsia and religious leadership who failed n cud not guide our generation to right path… yes with the passage of time it will keep intensifying….

    Still our Country has no dimension… its common in our country… 10 years Army Rule .. n 10 year so-called dishonest and dacoits democratic leadership…. Only Allah is Hafiz for our Country…

    But i am still positive because.. our situation with little bit difference is same since 60 years n WE ARE SURVIVED…..n will keep survive…..

    Dont assume me negative person… For me the day we as collectively .. give importance to Education , Understand things on argument basis and freedom of speech culture that day will be kick-off to our development… Yes Musharraf created freedom of speech culture… So i salute him….

  2. Musharaf vs Nawaz, Zardari, Mullah Fazal Rahman and Asfandiyar Wali (Coalition Partners)

    NAWAZ – Capitalist, having Inferiority complex (hair transplant), the most egoist person and trying to be Amir ul Momineen!

    ZARDARI – Mr 10% and now probably 100%, Jagirdar, Capetalist, the most cunning and slimy guy I have ever seen. Zardari says that he has accepted NRO to prove that all the accusations against him were wrong – SUPER LOGIC (can some one remind him his cases in Switzerland?)

    MULLAH FAZAL RAHMAN – Ignorant of Islam, hypocrite, opportunist. His father once said – “Shokar hey ke ham Pakistan banane ke gonah me sharik nahi howe”! And after 9/11 when many delegates were sent to different countries for diplomacy, Mullah Fazal Rahman was sent to India, where he said that if the politicians of both the countries arrange a round table conference there is a possibility of REUNITING!!!! (it’s on record).

    ASFANDIYAR WALI – besides being son of his father and grand son of his grand father no other plus point! Not to forget his grandfather, till his death not accepting the existence of Pakistan and a strong opponent of the creation of Pakistan. The same his was his father a strong nationalist (nationalism based on ethnicity and geography – vs – universal morality, humanity and Quran) and strong opponent of the creation of Pakistan and independence movement.

    MUSHARAF – a soldier, spending all his life serving the country, patriot. I will quote Ardeshir Cowasje of Dawn newspaper, “the best of the worst lot”.

    Now, it should be clear what will happen when Musharaf is gone!!!

    Taqi Raza.

  3. Dear Taqi & Sharif,

    Thanks for writing.

    Well if politics are 10 %, then there are others as well who are 90%.

    One of the biggest corruption till now is the Adminral Mansoor ul Haq 65 arab Rs, and the list go on and go on.

  4. Dear Wajahat Bhai,

    Despite going in numbers game , i think we should focus on visionary politics that we niether find in Army Dictatorship nor in Civilian Dictatorship.

    So Pray to Allah , if we people are good then automatically our leaders will be Good. Apart from this , for me after Musharaff we have not experienced any change.. n i critisize those ppl who are happy that we are on d verge of REVOLUTION.

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