Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 18, 2008

Johari Window — Tool for personal & Group Development

Last saturday, i attended a session on Johari Window. At first, i thought that it’s Urdu “Johari” — Johar.

But when session started, came to know that its an model for personal & group development. Using this model you can get the best out of your team. Its all focused on communication/ interaction within team.

It emphasised a lot on ASK, TELL, FEEDBACK, suggested that if you dont ask, or you dont tell, or wont get feedback, you will not known to each other, and in teams, the most important thing is the interaction with themselves.

Well, if you go in details, the model suggest that there are 4 windows, Open Area Window, Blind Window, Hidden Window, Unknown Window. In these 4 windows, some of them are known to you, unknown to you, known to team and unknown to team, it then suggest how you can expand this open area window.

Those who are team building, should study this, Johari Window
A nice presentation is also available


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