Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 12, 2008

I am in Love with Pakistan

I don’t know the reason, but I think Pakistan needs us more than ever this time.

Yesterday I was talking to my friend, we were discussing some career things, before we ended the conversation he said that Wajahat bahi, all things are right but, all depends upon Pakistan condition which is not going good, and he is also planning to apply for some visa.

On the same day, when I returned to home from office, my sister adviced me to apply for some visa as soon as possible, and said that Pakistan condition is not good, we should shift our families.

I was not surprised, as these days, all are talking like this. I born here, grown up here, and I hope that I will die here, it is not something emotional, but I have visited some countries, and never find a place like Pakistan. It’s my homeland, where I don’t feel “Ajnabi (Stranger)”. It’s a land of opportunities, beautiful plp which you can’t find anywhere else.

Beside all these things, these recent negative talking is making the condition worse day by day. If we all start thinking positively, we will talk & act positively, and I am we will able to see a different condition.

I am not sure about the credibility & trueness of politician, but when it comes to plp, I am still hopeful, and I see a great potential, if we all think positively. We should see the good side of picture as well.

I requested you people as well, that please thinks & talks positively, and I hope these little efforts create a lot of impact inshallaha. Take away yourself from racism, think with greater perspective, and try to help Pakistan, as PAKISTAN NEEDS YOUR MORE THAN EVER NOW.



  1. we are proud paki 😉

  2. I respect your emotions and it shud be like this. One thing i wud share.. that we should love our country on natural basis i.e this is our soil …. we hv been living here from 60 years togather .. geographically n so forth… and homeland love is by default with every human…
    But we should not stick to any idealogy behind its creation .. n for me this creates problums and hurdles.. e.g Quid-e-Azam wanted islamic state or secular state? these questions are always confusing…when we socially believe in on any particular idealogy then it leads to specific people oreinted country… May b it sounds u strange…
    Pakistan should b a democratic country only….
    God Bless us…

  3. Great sir jee…..

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