Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 4, 2008

Analytical Reasoning! The right approach while hiring people?

Interviewing plp is not a simple task. As you are try to know the tacit knowledge which cannot be learned from these sessions, and which is not implicit.

For me the criteria on judging plp is always on analytical reasoning. For me, if a person have good analytical reasoning skills, I am sure he can do anything, and learning curve would be higher higher.

But today, while just browsing, I read a very good article, it’s a phenomena on Apollo Syndrome, its negate my ideology, and quite reasonable, with facts & finding, and I do agree on this.

Some of the arguing points are

    1. They spent excessive time in abortive or destructive debate, trying to persuade other team members to adopt their own view, and demonstrating a flair for spotting weaknesses in others’ arguments. This led to the discussion equivalent of ‘the deadly embrace’.

      They had difficulties in their decision making, with little coherence in the decisions reached (several pressing and necessary jobs were often omitted).

      Team members tended to act along their own favourite lines without taking account of what fellow members were doing, and the team proved difficult to manage.

      In some instances, teams recognised what was happening but over compensated – they avoided confrontation, which equally led to problems in decision making.

  • Please read it full at, it’s a wonderful article, especially for team building. A great one.

    Do you agree with this or NOT? Please provide your vaulable feedback!


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