Posted by: wajahatabbas | June 18, 2008

Session at Plexus on MOSS 2007 — May 23, 2008

Though this event occurred on May 23, 2008, but I just want to share it with all of you.

One of my senior Asad Ur Rehman is managing Plexus. Plexus is a software house working for financial applications, as well as Portals. It’s a part of Meezan Bank Group. On his invitation, we (I & Adnan of KalSoft) went to Plexus to conduct a session on SharePoint (Moss).

The session was attended by Plexus Team, and it was a very interactive session. I started the session by briefing the Portal importance, and then MOSS 2007. Adnan then joined me, as he has done many implementation of MOSS in Pakistan and Middle East. He also shows some of his work, which was appreciated by the participants.

The session ended with a thank note by Abdul Rehman of Plexus. He also gave us plaque, for which we are thankful to Plexus.

For downloading the presentation file, get it from here. Plexus MOSS Session — Powerpoint presentation


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