Posted by: wajahatabbas | July 2, 2007

Evaluator for FAST Open House 2007

On Saturday, I (Along with my friend Naveedullaha and Nawaz Ahmed) went to FAST for Open House 2007. It’s a demo of their final year projects, in which students from FAST show their projects. I was one of the evaluator for the 2 projects.

1 was developed by team of three guys, Saad, Jaffar, & Umari, they developed Flowchart to Code Convertor application, developed a plug in of Microsoft Visio. There project was for the fresh enrolled grads, who face difficulties in validating their code with the logic. Using their application, you can draw a flow chart and application generates the code into Pascal and C++. They were also the best of Imagine Cup Karachi runners. Beside some little issues, it’s a good idea.

The 2nd project was Electronic Edification, it was developed by Mehwish Ali, Mehwish Aziz, and Munanza, they developed the learning solution, a good site for teachers, and students. They documented the project in a good manner.

The missing part of most of the projects was the three tier architecture approach, or you can say the difference b/w hard work and smart work, they develop good things, with so many features, but didn’t follow the architecture and best practices which they should.

An advice to all students is, that you should not focus on having too many features, or to develop something very big, the idea is that you should use and show the true object oriented approach. So you can implement what you have learnt in 3, 4 year time span.

Click here to view the Project details,

We almost took 2 hr for both projects evaluation, 1 hr each. On the way to home, it was heavy raining.


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