Posted by: wajahatabbas | June 21, 2007

Speaking in Lahore & Karachi PDC 2007

It was a wonderful experience in speaking PDC 2007 Karachi & Lahore. My topic at both places was “ECM using MOSS 2007”.

I figured out that still MOSS 2007 is a new name for the majority and very few are aware with Microsoft Share point Technologies. So one can see that this is an opportunity area, where there would be many opportunities. It’s an ultimate product, and if you have the Gartner report, and the trends for 2007, software trends are on social networking, collaboration, communication, personalization, for which MOSS 2007 is an ideal product.

The other thing about MOSS 2007, is that it resides at the top of Microsoft Infrastructure, let say if you have some SQL Server application or BI, web parts are available for this purpose, so your viewpoint would be MOSS 2007 portal for your BI solution, same is for EPM (Enterprise Project Management), Forms Server application, workflow management, Exchange, Microsoft Office.

So you can see that all of these integration with MOSS is out of the box, I mean you have to do nothing to get work all of these things in your portal.

Some features and enhancement in MOSS 2007 are really great like,

1) Workflow Support
2) Record Management
3) Document Management feature support.

So go for it, use, start working on MOSS, you will feel a difference, and in near future you will see a lot more opportunities about this product.

I will upload my presentation in a day or 2, so you can download this all.

For all those who are looking for any support, and feedback, please feel free to write here or you can write me in personal @



  1. Can you share you slides with us??

  2. Indeed it was good session to attend to overview of MOSS but still i am not able to realize the power of MOSS. Is it more powerfull than our CMS :); providing more features than our CMS.

    I think thats not possible…..

  3. Can you please share the Slides you have presented in PDC 2007,

    Ooh thanks for your knowledgable speech at PDC.

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