Posted by: wajahatabbas | April 19, 2007

Virgina Tech Incident. Was it a Democrats vs Republic Clash ?

One of the worst massacres in US University.

They said that only one person who was Korean, did this, its really hard to accept that a korean student, did this all shooting, and he shooted around for 3 hrs. How this is possible that a student shoot for 3 hrs, and a country like US, where everything is being monitored by security cameras, Guards, Police, and no one interrupt him. If he could shoot out in a class, and shoot at one spot, it may be digest able, but he continues his shooting for 3 hrs, and no one interrupt him. It’s really hard to accept this US Media version story.

Another side of the story may be, and many other doubts, that it was political clash b/w republic and democrats, and they are hiding this story.

Hard to say anything before the actual news will be discloses.

What do you think? Any Comments?


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