Posted by: wajahatabbas | February 27, 2007

The Art of Project Management: How to Make Things Happen

Its a wonderful article i ever read on Project Management, and by the time i am reading it, its reminding me Mohammad Maseehuddin project management habits during Nawras Project, especially his excel Master file, as per MM, he managed all Nawras project using that Excel project, in other words it plays the key role in his management.

This article is written by Scott Berkun, extraction from his book. I’ll definitly purchase it now. Its a wonderful read to understand Project Management.

Thanks to Ahmer Shahid for sending me the article link.

The summary is as following,

  • Everything can be represented in an ordered list. Most of the work of project management is correctly prioritizing things and leading the team in carrying them out.
  • The three most basic ordered lists are: project goals (vision), list of features, and list of work items. They should always be in sync with each other. Each work item contributes to a feature, and each feature contributes to a goal.
  • There is a bright yellow line between priority 1 work and everything else.
  • Things happen when you say no. If you can’t say no, you effectively have no priorities.
  • The PM has to keep the team honest and keep them close to reality.
  • Knowing the critical path in engineering and team processes enables efficiency.
  • You must be both relentless and savvy to make things happen.
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