Posted by: wajahatabbas | October 13, 2006

Why Women Cry

I really like this POEM. You will know the powerful tool of Women, a gift from GOD, a very weak thing which makers her too strong, that one cant imagine.

Read “Why Women Cry”



  1. Hey how are you doing? How was Lahore?
    Yeah, I read your blog posts. But you havent been active again!
    Are you in Karachi or somewhere else?

  2. its realy nice but i dont know whn man going to understand all this stuff khr v vill b figth still our death but am sure man not gonna understand any woman feelings.he just know women can make relations wid many boys other then her husband …………….

  3. Agreed with your comments Sana.

    We will ever fight each other, claiming to understand each other, but no success.

  4. u know i personaly think v r not bad by heart sumtime cirumstances change our way of thinking v neva want to go againts anything but i think loneliness is are big enemy for us yaar.thts it..coz whn v feel lonely v take step to make relation wid other whether wid boy or girls tht moment if v think positive thn v neva commit a mistake….

  5. i think thing more i visit this site coz i thought there vill b job opportuinty for me but…..i didnt know tht its not bank…i think a new bank is open wid the name of samba……well no bad experience

  6. Just a little correction.

    This is not a company, or bank site, and no job oppurtunities here

    Its a blog…. of an individual

    • you like bank job but you should be tired from this is after you will be married with handsome boy as you have in your mind.

      orat kabi kisi sai wafa nahi kerti hai, kyun kay us mai keina,nafrat aur hasad ziada hota hai

  7. yaar i dont know much abut blog…….u was sharing ur experience so i thought y not i share sumthing wid u guys khr nice talking to u

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