Posted by: wajahatabbas | September 14, 2006

There are so many things which i were doing

There are so many things which i were doing in last days, but being a lazy blogger, didnt able to hold them @ my blog……

I had a good session at FAST NU Karachi office with final Year students. Munir (FAST INETA) invited me to speak on “Software Project IDEAS”. There i conducted the session, guide students about “How to” do final year projects, pros and cons, and ideas for them. It went good.

And then .. i was preparing for getting IN lahore for SMEDA project. Staying at Lahore, was one of my wish, never comes true, however i visited Lhr 2 times, but for very short notice, so i am sure that this time, in this project, i have a very good chance to Live, here with Lahorians, visting cool places, and finally a good going project, and expectating a overall good experience.

So this is on my side. Sanket scold me too, for not writing from quite long time, so sankee i am back, i saw your US trip snaps, they were good, and i am sure that you enjoyed your tour @ Microsoft Redomand. So keep doing good.

See you people then,



  1. Thank you very much for coming at our campus. I received a great positive feedback from students after the event. They all found it really very informative and insightful. I am looking forward to welcome you again.

  2. Yep. The session @ FAST-NU Karachi was quite informative and helpful, with positive feedback from the attendees. Same sentiments here, will look forward for more seminars in future.

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