Posted by: wajahatabbas | July 8, 2006

Terrorism or Acts of War!

“One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Is it true ?



  1. Wajahat Abbas is a Typical Aries

  2. Wajahat Abbas is a Typical Aries.

  3. Do you still think this is valid with the 9/11, the London Blasts and now the very very recent Mumbai blasts?
    For those who really dont know about this news, I would argue you to check these –

    I would just try to do my possible bit to help all those unfortunate. This is definitely not an act of “freedom”. Or do you still think otherwise?


  4. I dont really agree much with this. “Freedom fighting” is just a blanket which these guys use to really hide from what they do. I think of them as imposterous rather than anything else.
    I dont think people who are involved in such acts are really in dire need of anything like “FREEDOM”. For them, thats just a nice word to hide under.


  5. Hi Sanki,

    You are very true, the brutal act on humanity in Mumbai, London, and Trade Center and in fact in all over World, where terrorist takes innocent lives. This is really a shame on humanity.

    Like Isaraeli continous aggression on innocent lives, this is all a big shame on us. I wish, pray to have this planet a peacful place for human (no matter which religion color, race he/ she belongs).

    I would like to read you following link, read it full, may be its take some time, but may able to understand the root causes of the terrorism that has been imposed to the World.

    Wajahat Abbas

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