Posted by: wajahatabbas | July 5, 2006

Kenny G tones are mind blowing

Believe me ! I never ever heard such kinda of MIND BLOWING tones, what a music, jazz, excellent.

If you never heard Kenny, dont miss a minute, tune your ear to this Master Musician tones, especially “Going Home”, and his Titanic tone.

If you know more good instrumental muscian, i would be thankful if you leave a comment about their music at my blog.

Thanks & Tune Yourself with Kenny G!



  1. hi wajahat bhai this is amjad(I and aliraza had couple of meetings with u, at fast and at kalvault) acha wajahat bhai try listening yanni’s and enigma’s master pieces i hope u would love them too.
    Amjad Ali
    Software Developer
    AVANZA Solutions

  2. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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