Posted by: wajahatabbas | May 3, 2006

FAST — Karachi — Security Seminar

Today INETA FAST chapter organized a seminar on Microsoft Server & Platform Security features. This was the first seminar on the “Security” topic row.

Day before yesterday Talha Mahmood calls me and asked me to conduct a session. Though it was quite short time to prepare something for this Seminar but I confimed him my availability.

I & Naveed Bajwa conducted the sessions. From FAST, INETA Student Ambassador Munir Usman & Sana (If, not forgotten the exact name) coordinates with us. The seminar was started by Sana, she invites Naveed Bajwa. Naveed Bajwa conducted a good technical session on INDIGO (Win FX), Microsoft emerging technologies, he speaks about its features and highlight the Security features provided with INDIGO. He also demonstrated a quick hands on example. He almost took around aprox 1 + hr.

After Naveed, I was invited to speak about the next session “Writing Secure Code”. Though I was to speak on this, but as we already had a good technical session, and all the way Students do learn these kinds of things on regular basis, I change my mode, and as per their interest, I started talking about Software Market Trends, non-technical things that they have to consider. I discussed that as a technical expert, having background from a tech professional institute know these things, but there are many things for which we have to take care. The seminar was very interactive, I discussed on “Product Lines”, Career Paths, latest consultancy trend, attitudes, and all those things which they will faced once they will passed out. The idea was, to aware them about the market trends, importance of non-technical things in a technical person life.

At the end, Mr. Hilal Qureshi presents us the certificates.

The seminar was actively participated, a very good effort from all students, FAST management and especially all Students.

I am sure, that they do like it. Please leave your comments for future guidelines, or any proposed topic, or ways by which we can help, interact with you guys.

I will be waiting for the snaps (Munir kindly email me @ and for all those who need any kind of guidance, if I able to help you plp abt anything, I would love to do it.

Feel free to ask, write.

Wajahat Abbas



  1. Hi,

    I attended the seminar today (or actually its 25 past 12 now, so, yesterday).. anyway, the session was very good and quite an interesting one.

    Mr. Naveed Bajwa did provide a much anticipated technical introduction to the winFX API and the like..

    As for your session, although I was really looking forward for some tips on application security and issues (may be some other time, later).. but nevertheless, the topic you chose, is one of the rarest topics that is ever discussed. Career path analysis, a pivot issue, I should say!

    Overall, today’s seminar had been great.


    S. Asim Imtiaz
    [Chairman, The Webmasters, FAST NUCES]

  2. Thanks for the Seminar, though i was not able to attend it 😦 due to some problems.

  3. Hello,

    Thank you very much sir for coming at our campus. It was a very informative seminar and particularly, students found your speech quite unusual but extremely worthy. I really enjoyed organizing this event and looking forward to welcome you again in future.

    You can view snaps .

    Munir Usman.

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