Posted by: wajahatabbas | August 18, 2005

Nawras Project — Journey — All the way through Pictures (Microsoft Oman — KalSoft Project)

I have uploaded following snaps to register our memories @ Nawras Microsoft — Oman KalSoft Project. We deployed here on November, spent here around 7 months. Though its a large period, but we work as a team, and enjoys a lot. The team includes Naseem Siddiqui, Nadir Shaikh, Wajahat Abbas, Ahmer Khan, Alim Fazeel, Noman Juzar and Fahad Nasim. Beside work we also spent our time @ bowling, outings, dinners, etc. Especially weekends @ Asif Suri bhia, and making fun. I hope that those who work on this project will definitly refereshes their memories by viewing these snaps.

Good Luck Nawras Oman.

Well i cant forget to say thanks to Naseem bhai Lumix Camera, which output you can see as following, it was 48x zoom (For fully configuration, you can contact Mr. Ahmer Khan too, as i hope that all the configuration also stores in his mind :))


Nawras — Microsoft Team — Together as a TEAM
(From Left to Right –> Yasir, Mohammad, Robert, Wajahat, Ahmer, Noman, Fazeel)
LTR (Nadir, Fazeel, Noman)

LTR (Salim — Project Architect, Mohammad Project Manager)

With Indian MBT Team — LTR (Noman, Suresh, Nasim, Manooj, Wajahat Abbas)

Clock Tower — CBD , Ruwi, Oman

Fazeel bhai — in Action — Full Pose

Ahmer Khan (Dedicated to ensure quality by post marting WebSelfCare — Quaid can tell you more :))

Bowiling (Noman Juzar in action)

(Wajahat Abbas in Action — Area — Ruwi — Asif bhai residence)

Quaid kay sath — LTR (Nasim bhai & Wajahat Abbas)

Nawras Shop (Where DAT Works 🙂 Quaid know it better)

Nawras — Main Office — Where we work

Nawras Office — Oman — Night view

Bz @ Work — LTR — Khan Ahmer, Quaid, & Wajahat Abbas

Late sittings

In Action

Quaid in Deep thinking ( I dont know what he was thinking , either that how the snap would be or ? 🙂

Bowling In Action

Nawras Office — Workspace

Waiting for our turn — Wajahat Abbas & nadir bhai

Nadir bhia in action

Dedication in Work — Nadir bhai



  1. Thanks wajahat, it was a nice effort to bring some refreshing yet exhausting moments of the Nawras Project. It was really a good experience in terms of the project as well as the exposure. i made really good friends over there and the stay with the team was never forgettable.

  2. Lush, Congratulation on your and nawras Team members achivement, Its your hard work, commitment and dedication that you have done and shown for your company, I wish you best of luck for your future and hope you will serve your best for Kalsoft with your talent. And may Allah shower his greatest blessings on u and all other team members.
    Hope for best(Y)
    Nawaz Ahmed khan

  3. great work! it really reminds me the great time together we all had spent there 🙂

  4. Noman,

    Thanks for the comment, and its refreshes my memory with the Project.

    Good to read you.

    The Nawras project was unique in many ways, I really made good friends over there, and many learning from the team and it was overall good manage by Mohammed Maseehuddin

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  6. Thats a nice remembrance. After some long months I came back to see what you are doing these days & bumped on these photographs. Really nice way to cherish the memories. The project has given me a lot as well. 🙂
    Have a nice day.

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  8. Dear Sir,

    My name is Roy and I work as an accountant with YouGovSiraj in Dubai,U.A.E.
    I came across this information while searching for the contact address for Nawras accounts department contact.
    This is in relation to a payment outstandsing for more than a year.
    Your help is very much appreciated


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