Posted by: wajahatabbas | June 22, 2005

When Words lost thier Values

During a workshop conducted by Ms. Shireen Naqvi & organized by School of Leadership last week, i noticed an important thing which grown up time by time in a society like Pakistan.

The workshop was on “Managing Project”, the speaker describe the famous technique of handling projects by first designing “Problem Tree” and then transforming into “Objective Tree”. That’s some great technique to turn the problem with a solution.

The speaker took an example on the problem of “Traffic System of Karachi”, first the speaker draw the “Problem tree” and then transform into “Objective Tree”.

In the problem tree, the speaker wrote down the causes , one of the causes which generates problem was “Insecurity”. Now when the speaker draws the objective tree, every problem , causes converts into the postive word. Like “Insecurity” converts into “More Security”.

At first instance, i feel that ya its appropriate, but then i realized that why we didnt write “Security”, why write “More Security”. This is becuase the word “Security” lost it values in our society of violence. However in societies where there is no such violence, “Security” word is more than enough.

I mean when you write “Security” thats fine, and that suppose to be the antyonmn of “Insecure”, so why use “More Security” is because “Security” has lost it values. To tell, write “Security”, we use “More Security”.

And so thats the same for other words…… Unfortuntely.


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