Posted by: wajahatabbas | April 13, 2005

Dinner at Asif Suri Bhai Muscat Residence

Yesterday we (Nadir bhai and hammad bin arif) went to Asif bhai residence for dinner(without any invitation :)).

That was a good one,, i mean in Muscat having Pakistani food and luickly in a Pakistani house is …………………………………..

There we had a good sitting, Asif Suri bhai as always is a very energetic/ full of tafree. guy, and i dont think so that anyone can bored in his company.. We also met, Nadir bhai/Asif bhai friend Shahrukh who arrived Muscat on a job. (Best luck for him).

then after having a good dinner, and a cup of tea we went back to our hotel appt. we watched a nice movie (“Man of honor”).. a good movie about a passionist navy diver. a good movie.

As the movie finsihed we go to sleep, before that i scold myself that these days i am not reading books ( i tries to make it habit to read some thing for atleast 1 hr before going to sleep). so then i read a book which i purchased on my way back to Pakistan the book name is “Management Functional” (Atleast if i can have some infromation what and how management think :)).

A good book.. though i read only 1… 2 chapter,, but i am enjoying,, i hope that i will finish it inshalla and one more 2… on my return to my homeland…

Stay tune….



  1. AoA Wajahat Abbas ,how r u doing
    is Asif suri bhai the same guy who graduated from fast in 1999 & running his company in oman
    any contact info of him …?

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