Posted by: wajahatabbas | December 5, 2004

WSE ( Web Services Enhancement )

Before Today, i was wondering that how can we secure our web services, there were multiple options like we have to pass user id and password to the subscriber which the subscriber will check and then allow us to consume, but the hurdle is that if everytime it will check will consuming it will increase it overhead. On the project for NAWRAS my PM Salim Naim asked me to implement WSE for the SMS service i developed. At First i was surprised that what is this, but after googling i came to know about this great security for Web Services.

What you have to do, download WSE 2.0 from Microsoft, install, install with developer option which provide ease for VS.Net guys. Now open ur Web Service project and right click project at solution explorer, you will see a new thing WSE 2.0 at the end. Just check it out, it will appears with a new window. Now set your properties here, u have to add a user token, and a manager authentication class and as u implement it u will see a new tag in ur configuration file.

Whenever a consumer will call ur service, will see a new object with WSE, like the object with name Student will become StudentWSE, implement that, now u have to consume that application with passing that token.

Rest is Upto Luck,
Wajahat Abbas


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